I’m A Physician Assistant PA have my own medical practice for 9 years in Dallas Texas. From Nigeria family of 6. Both parents are teachers dad a science nerd (RIP pops) and my mother was a home economics teacher so yes we ate balanced meal for bodymindspirit and need to be well rounded in general. Did l say it was balanced die hard catholics we have nuns and priest in my extended family here’s the spiritual part.

I have always wanted to help people just like my parents as public servants. I have always be curious about life questioned things, rebellious one (black sheep of the family) there’s more to life than what I was told growing up. My Father won Visa Lottery to bring us to America. I saw first hand how the impact you make in people’s lives as a public servant is important when my father’s students helped my father financially to bring my family to America with help of my extended family as well which we re grateful.

I started as a CNA at the nursing homes then patient care teach in the hospital while in college till l graduated with Bachelor in Psychology and Biology at Texas State University and off to NY for my in PA degree now Masters in PA. I was always questioning why everything has to be treated with drugs and still not solving the issue God bless the drug companies they do try to help the best they can. I didn’t understand why traditional medicine was not encouraged along with conventional medicine.

We know it takes a villages to raise a child so drugs shouldn’t be the only solution. I wanted to find non pharmaceuticals approach as well to add as modalities to heal the body. Perfect timing arrived when l went through divorce after only one year of marriage and we have a beautiful 1 yo daughter. I was in a dark place in my life l saw a Life Coach that helped me realize l have a power to change my life and take responsibility so l become a LifeCoach, then l changed my diet as a Vegetarian, eventually a Vegan after l became a Holistic Nutritionist.

All this journey was to heal myself and find a purposeful fulfilling life. I had a very successful practice doing House-calls, rehab/nursing home and Long Term facilities after stunts in the hospital and ER Practioner.

I wasn’t happy deep down because something was always missing during my assessment of my pts.

I was praying to God/The Source/ The Creator whatever you believe in meditating and practicing yoga looking for answers even though l was in Medical School to finish my MD. I received my answer to add alternative medicine to my practice so l dropped out of Medical School and l enrolled in Natural Medicine School for a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine class of 2018 and PhD in Metaphysics class of 2018.

I’m now a Nutritionist, Reflexologist trained as Crystal Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Master Toe Reader, Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Life/Fitness Coach, BodyMindSpirit Wellness Coach. I let my spirit guide me and I’m glad, l didn’t listen to my Ego. I started this community for all who are call to serve as holistic Healers can have a place to do honest Work to help heal the earth. Yes! We can cure anything but we need to understand the root of the problem so we can have the power to get ride of it and take back control of our life. Every Soul on this earth is here to have a fulfilling Abundant Life. My intention is to use this community to help all remember there life mission on earth and remember our body is created in Gods image and is a powerful advanced natural healing technology. Love & Light to All

My Siblings are All in Medical fields we have athletic genes of Medicine, thanks Pops and Mumsy. I know now what I’m here to do an Earth Angel with a message of Love and Light for the universe and it’s the ultimate medicine for the Whole Body.

We eat healthy energetic foods created in nature with Love and Light we become it in our thoughts and we share it in our spirit! Remember what we eat is what we become. Hippocrates said it the best “Food is Medicine” and “All Diseases starts in the Gout”.

BodyMindSpirit Services:

  • Nutrition(Meal Prep, Juicing, Coaching)
  • Speaking Engagements on BodyMindSpirit Wellness
  • Massages & Reflexology
  • Toe Reading/ Angel Card Reading(Life Purpose/ Manifestation)
  • Life Coaching
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Reiki Master Energy Healing Therapy
  • Prayers/Meditation/Manifestation/Affirmation/Visualization Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chemical Free Lifestyle
  • Crystal Energy Healing
  • Chakra Clearing/Balancing
  • Hypnotherapy